Why Buy From Us

There are many reasons why we think you should consider buying Nova Scotia Balsam fir from The Northeastern Christmas Tree Association. Here are just a few of them:

Quality Control

This cannot be stressed enough. We are selling a high-quality productIMG_2498. To increase sales, we have first to ensure repeat orders from our present customers. Many of those who have been buying from us for a number of years have been able to increase their sales dramatically, largely because they have had an excellent product, consistently graded by trained and licensed professionals, at a reasonable price.


We are a large enough organization to fill your orders more or less the way you want them, no matter how many small or large trees you require. There is no need to take the run of the field, which may not suit you retail needs. At the same time, we are small enough to ensure that all aspect of growing, grading and shipping trees are kept under control.


IMG_00000254We consider your retail operation a vital part of our operation, perhaps the most vital part. As such, we do everything possible to help you sell out every year, and make a good profit. Our marketing manager may visit you from time to time and make any suggestion which might be of benefit. There is considerable advertising copy available through your National Christmas Tree Association, and we pass this on to you, if you are not members. As the number of trees being grown increases dramatically, we shall endeavor to stay ahead of the competition on quality, service and price.

Fresh Product

Northeastern Nova Scotia Balsam stays fresher than any product in the market place if cared for properly. That’s why we carefully picked our new shipping yard in Giant’s Lake, Guysborough county, which is one of the highest points in the region with excellent natural shaded storage areas, easy access and central location providing the coldest climate available for the storage of trees, wreaths and brush.