Our Christmas Trees

Nova Scotia Balsam Fir is best known for its incomparable fragrance, but there are several more reasons for its superior quality. Our cool moist climate, with plenty of moisture in the spring, and plenty of sun shine in summer and fall combine for ideal growing conditions.

These environmental factors, plus excellent natural genetic strength, produce the finest Balsam Fir anywhere, with double rows of thick needled brush, for lush appearance, and the strength to support ornaments. Because of our elevated location, NeCTA Balsam tree farms have a higher than average number of cold nights in the fall and winter, prior to harvest, resulting in superior needle retention.

NECTA: ClassesNeCTA holds regular field days and seminars to educate growers on the latest techniques required to produce a superior Balsam Fir.


Our tree graders are frequently trained (with refresher courses), and supervised by our management team. As a result each tree can be tracked back to its grader, giving them a sense of pride in their work. The management team in turn, keeps in close contact with each of our customers.

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