About Us

The Northeastern Christmas Tree Association was incorporated in Nova Scotia in IMG_000002611973 by a group of local growers in order to provide scientific, educational and marketing support for it’s members. Today there are approximately 230 of its members residing and growing Christmas trees primarily in the Northeastern part of Nova Scotia. Christmas trees have long been grown in Nova Scotia and there is a rich history to the many family owned lots that can be traced back generations.

Trees Transported By SchoonerEvery season over a thousand workers come together to cut, grade, bale, store and load our member’s products before they are transported by sea, rail and truck to their final destination. Each year we ship around the globe to the Caribbean, South and Central America as well as Mexico, the United States and Canada. Our trees have traveled to Western Europe, the Middle East and beyond!

All of our products are made up of Balsam Fir, a tree which is considered to be the most fragrant of all Christmas trees species. Northeastern Nova Scotia has absolutely the finest growing conditions for balsam fir anywhere and our members take the utmost care to produce the highest quality trees on the market. We also create Balsam Fir Wreaths and bales of brush which we offer to our retail customers.


We here at the Northeastern Christmas Tree Association are proud to bring a renewable, environmentally friendly products to market.

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