Environmental sustainability is an important consideration for most consumers these days.  That’s why we ensure that all of our Nova Scotia Balsam fir Christmas trees come to you with the assurance that they are truly an ‘environmentally friendly’ choice.  The woodlots the trees are grown on consist of naturally seeded stock, grown in uneven aged stands with important attention being paid to maintaining bio-diversity. With an abundance of natural seed in the existing seed bank, an average of five or six new seedlings will naturally regenerate to take the place of the harvested tree.

Today the vast majority of artificial trees are produced in Asia using fossil fuel intensive processes and then shipped overseas to North American markets.  Numerous recent studies have concluded that a real tree has far less environmental impact than its artificial counterpart. One such study conducted by Ellipsos found that fake trees have three times more impacts on climate change and resource depletion than a natural tree.

Click here for some more reading  from the David Suzuki Foundation.

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